4 comments on “My Words are my Fangs: Thoughts on Spotted Hyena

  1. This is a very insightful post. I’ve wanted to work with Hyena for a long time – for most of the same reasons you indicated. There’s a kinship there with Dire Wolf that I want to explore. However, until recently, every time I approached Spotted Hyena, she turned me away with sometimes a growl, and sometimes bared fangs and a snap.

    I realized that I was too “gentle minded” to deal with the lessons she has. Most recently I’ve begun feeling the urge to communicate with her again and I think I’ve evolved to the point that my fangs come a bit more readily – the recent tiff with my mother being a good example. I think I might be ready to at least begin to work with her now. Reading this has kind of made it clear to me. Now I just need to get my hands on something Hyena to use as a focus in meditation as I approach her.

    • Yes, Spotted Hyena isn’t too big on hand-holding and she isn’t really the type to take a student on until she thinks you are good and ready. In a way, this is her being kind. She knows she can sometimes come across as harsh, but, really, she doesn’t seem to want to traumatize. She does have a very gentle side to her that becomes apparent once she is comfortable with you.

      If you are able to establish a relationship with her, I’d find it interesting to see what develops between you.

  2. I found your piece here on Hyena to be both informative and amusing, actually. I’ve worked with Hyena for a very long time, and often I used to wonder if “my” Hyena were different than the “published” Hyena I’ve read in Totem dictionaries. Then I realized I didn’t care and it didn’t matter. I never found anyone before that recognizes the Trickster or Magician aspects she brings to the table, so it’s somewhat pleasing to see I’m not the only one she shows that side to. Thanks for the article!

    • You’re welcome, and thank you for the encouragement. In my experience Spotted Hyena is a totem of deep, powerful shadow magic and I’m glad to find that others have seen the same in him/her.

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